Hollenbeck Canyon Trail description

This is an easy trail to follow and there are trail markers on route. “WP” refers to Way Points on the GPS Map. For a more detailed description of the trail and in particular, the extended loop (Burnt Olive Grove loop) , see links on previous page.
To begin the trail, step over horse gate, going in a North, North/West direction. There is a wide, well marked trail. To the South West, there is a great view of Rancho Jamul Ecological Reserve and Proctor Valley.
0.2 miles: There is a California Riding and Hiking Trail marker. Go over slight hill, then down hill towards oak trees and seasonal stream.
0.4 miles: The trail curves to right, goes down a short hill. Follow trail through oak grove with shade.
0.5 mile Trail Marker: Once you are across the seasonal stream, you arrive at a T Junction, where you can go left or right to do the 6 mile loop. Go to the left and follow a well marked trail.
WP 6: At 0.6 m to your right, there is a narrow trail, which marks the end of the 5 mile short cut. Continue heading south around the edge of field. The terrain is pretty good.
WP 7: At 0.7 miles, follow the trail and curve round to right/to the West. There are occasional holes in the trail. There are beautiful oaks to your left.
WP 8: At 1.9 miles, turn right/North, at the marker, and follow the trail. If you continue straight, you will arrive at Highway Hwy 94. There is a water trough, although it is in pretty poor condition. You proceed beside a gulley on your left to West. Stay on the clearly marked trail, curving round to the left.
WP 9: At 1.5 miles, continue to follow the trail which curves round to left/North West. Stay on the left trail for the 6 mile loop.
WP 10: 1.85 marker, head left – Northwest down hill into gully. If you continue straight, it will take you to the short cut. The first dip of gully is poorly maintained. There are deep holes on both sides, but it is easily passable. Go through gully and up the hill.
WP 11: At 2.1 miles, descend the hill. There are great views of Mount Miguel and Proctor Valley. At this point, you are looking down towards the Daley Ranch.
WP 12: At 2.2 miles, you come out into a field. The Daley Ranch is ahead of you to your left. Follow the trail round the side of the field. In front of you, there is a line of oak trees and a seasonal stream.
WP 13: At 2.3 miles, the trail curves round to right/ North.
WP 14: At 2.45 miles, the trail curves to the left/South. There is a handy rail to tie you horse.
WP15: At 2.5 miles, there is a marker here. Continue to follow the trail. Turn right over the stream to the North West. If you go straight you head into private property.
The trail then continues round to the right/North. If you head straight (West) and curve round the hillside, you will arrive at the trails alongside Ranch Jamul Drive – also owned by Cal Fish and Game. As you follow the trail to the East, there are some corral-like structures to your right/South East.
WP16: At 2.72 miles, follow the trail which curves round to the right North, North East. If you go straight, it will take you to Rancho Jamul Estates.
WP 17: There is a 3 mile marker here. Go through the opening in fence. Head on down towards the oak trees on your right. Lyons Peak is directly in front of you/due East and Rancho Jamul Estates are to your right/North. There are oak trees on your right.
WP 18: At 3.1 miles, there is a gap in the fence and a trail to right if you want to take the 5 mile short cut. If you take the short cut, follow the trail up and then down the hill. Keep going straight. Go through the fence and follow the trail while it curves around the field and rejoins the original trail.
WP 19: At 3.19 miles, go through another opening in the fence. Stay on trail which curves round to right. The trail is now heading South East.
WP 20: Dip in trail at 3.5 miles.
WP 21: There is a trail marker which says 3.8m. Begin to climb the hill heading South East direction. If you take trail to the left, in a more southeasterly direction, it will lead you to the Olive Grove (burnt) loop.
WP 22: At 3.78 miles, there is a sharp turn, keep on climbing.
WP 23: The trail marker says 4.2 miles. This is the Crossroads. There is a Helen Knoll Memorial Bench here. Keep on curving round to the right/ East. If you take trail to left/North East and up the hill, it will take you to the Burnt Olive Grove loop. To get to the Burnt Olive Grove loop, there is a right hand turn up hill and then a left hand turn about half way up the hill. At the left hand turn, instead of continuing up the hill you go straight and then down the hill, you arrive at Honey Springs Ranch and many more trails.
Staying on the main trail, heading basically eastwards, there is another CHRT marker. The trail now goes downhill. Ahead of you there are a couple of hills. You can avoid them by taking the side trail at WP 24. In spring, there are many glorious orange, yellow, blue flowers in spring blanketing the hillside.
WP 24: Turn off to right (North East) for side trail. This trail is narrower, steep in parts, but very passable. On the side trail, there are several forks in the trail and you have a choice of trail. Usually, the trail higher on the hillside is less rutted.
WP 25: Hitting the main trail again – turn right/East. If you go other way – West and keep going straight, there is another, very narrow trail perched on the steep hillside which also leads to Honey Springs. I do not recommend this for horses or bikes. It is OK to hike. Still on the main trail, continue along the shaded path, with oaks and a seasonal stream.
WP 26: If you take little trail by oak tree to right, you avoid most of the rocks.
WP 28: At 4.87 miles, there is another Helen Knoll Memorial Bench to the right of the trail.
WP 29: At 5.12 miles, there is a dip in trail and you curve round to left.
WP 30: At 5.26 miles, there is a seasonal stream to ford. You can go around it, but you are still going to get wet.
WP 31: There is a second seasonal stream, but you can go round to the side of this one.
WP 32: Here you return to the T Junction you passed at the beginning of the trip. At this point, you retrace your steps and take a left turn heading east.
Continue to retrace steps your steps along the trail and return to parking lot.